Are you looking for some great resources to learn German for free? Then this list is for you. Please remember though, that all these resources won’t help at all, if you don’t get active. In my experience, a combination of self-study and a teacher is the best way to learn a language. Self-Study will help you to get immersed in the language and a teacher will help you to stay focused and actually get used to talking to a native. In this list you will find 10 great resources for self-study as well as finding a teacher (without booking a plane ticket!)

(In no particular order … )

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Connect with Others

  • Great page to start with! You can upload your writings to get them corrected by others and in return somebody will correct yours.

  • ​Italki: Another amazing website. If you are one of those who needs a teacher, then Italki might be just perfect for you! Upload your writings, teach other and get taught. If you don’t want to pay for a professional Skype teacher, just look for a language partner instead or get informal tutoring.

  • LifeMocha: All language content and activities on Livemocha are accessible using either points (which you earn) or beans (which you buy). You can earn points by completing learning activities and helping others. The more helpful you are–rating other people’s exercises, volunteering as a language partner, etc–the more points you earn… so if you get active, this is also completely free of charge.

Listening & Learning

  • Deutsche Welle: A German broadcasting service which has a free online German course. It is highly helpful for beginners. One can go step by step and learn different topics along with grammar exercises.

  • – Learn German with Free Podcasts -You can get a whole German Package for only $1. Just make sure that you don’t go to fast and click the right button when the “STOP – Please Read!” page pops up. It’s honestly a great deal! I used it myself with Portuguese Lessons.

  • On Fluentu you can learn from a real life video and German and English subtitles below the video are shown. It’s pretty amazing and fun! When you move the cursor to the subtitle, it will show the meaning. When you click it, you can see examples of the word in an extra window.

Do Exercises:

All of these websites have plenty of exercises from Beginner’s to Advanced Level. Do one exercise once/twice/… per week to work your way through German grammar.