The 55 Best German Idioms & 20 Funniest Word Creations

Is your pig whistling, do you only understand train station or should your significant other go where the pepper grows?

German is a complex language at times, but when you start to throw idioms into the equation, that don’t seem to make any sense, then it’s no wonder you can become confused.

If you have even a tiny grasp of the German language, then "The 55 Best German Idioms and 20 Funniest Word Creations" will serve to improve your understanding in a fun and light-hearted manner.

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The Ultimate Ebook

This Ebook includes 55 German idioms, 20 funny German word creations. They come with audio recordings, literal translations, their real meaning, and examples of how they are used in everyday situations.

Practical German Phrases

Learn German Phrases Germans you actually use in  Everyday life and learn new Vocabulary to impress your German friends, colleagues and/or family!

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