Learn the German Sentence Structure in 10 Days!

In this Masterclass, we'll explain you in a simple way: 

  • the most important Basics of German Sentence Structure and easy rules to follow when building a sentence
  • Where do you put the verb and the subject?
  • Where do you put the pronoun, the time and everything else?
  • Many exercises for you to practise the new content immediately 
  • Learn the correct word order of German main clauses and dependant clauses
  • Understand why the German sentence structure sometimes changes and how to remember when

What will you get ?

The Ultimate Course

This course consists of 10 days during which you learn all aspects of German sentence structure

Practical Strategies You Can Start Using Immediately

You get in-depth, easy to understand videos that will help you understand and use correct sentence structure.

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Right after purchase you get access to the course in our Academy and you can start reading and listening. No more wait time!

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What exactly is in the course?

Day 1 - Introduction

Day 2 - Structure of simple German Sentences Part 1

Day 3 - Structure of simple German Sentences Part 2

Day 4 - How to ask Questions in German?

Day 5 - Sentence Brackets Part 1

Day 6 - Sentence Brackets Part 2

Day 7 - Coordinating Conjunctions

Day 8 - Subordinating Conjunctions

Day 9 - Adverbial Conjunctions

Day 10 - Summary and Final Test