BUY THIS!!!! It totally helps the learning process and is very entertaining. :D

Review for Power-Deutsch mit Anja

I am not taking German to pass a test. I’m learning it so I can travel and talk to people. One of the many reasons why I am extremely grateful that I found Ania. My fiancé is SO jealous that I get to learn German through Ania. He had to sit through years of learning the traditional way in school. It seems like such a ridiculous way to learn compared to her methods. She teaches real world conversations instead of all the silly things that you have to memorize at the University before you are even able to have a “normal” conversation with someone. Her skits are the BEST!! They really help with the visuals. Plus they’re hilarious. I’m so happy I found her and this book is brilliant in assisting with the learning process.. Watch all the YouTube videos as well. Both help build a great foundation. Tausend dank! <3

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