German lesson 1: Well; you decided to learn German. So let's start with a easy basic knowledge: German Greetings (Begrüßungen).

Begrüßung auf Deutsch – German Greetings

Dear students, 

welcome to my lesson about German Greetings. This is a very easy session, after which you will be able to use the correct greeting in every situation. Let’s start!

Guten Morgen! (gut – good // der Morgen- the morning) – Good morning!
Guten Tag! (der Tag – the day) – Good day!
Guten Abend! (der Abend- the evening) – Good evening!
Gute Nacht! (die Nacht – the night) – Good night!
Schlaf schön! (schlafen-sleeping) – Sleep well!  


Für Freunde und Familie – For Friends and Family

Hallo! / Hi!/ Hey! – Hello/ Hi! 
Na, wie geht’s? – Hey, how are you? (very common!)  


Saying Goodbye in German

Formell: Auf Wiedersehen (wieder = again, sehen = to see) = Good bye!
Informell: Tschüss/ Tschüssi/ Tschü! / Mach’s gut! = Bye! 

That were the most important German Greetings already! In the next lesson you will learn How to introduce yourself to others in German or How to say “how are you”!

Keep on doing and see you soon!