Was ist ein Nomen? What is a noun?


A noun is a place, a person, a thing or an idea.

Beispiele – Examples:

  • A person: die Frau – the woman (die: feminine article)
  • A place: die Stadt – the city, das Dorf – the village
  • A thing: der Computer (der: masculine article)
  • An idea: die Gesundheit – the health

The German Definite Articles – Do they make sense?

Sometimes they make sense:

  • der (masculine): der Mann (the man)
  • die (feminine): die Frau (the woman)
  • das (neuter): das Kind (the child/kid)

ABER manchmal nicht – BUT sometimes not:

  • der Löffel – the spoon
  • die Gabel – the fork
  • das Messer – the knife

Why is the spoon masculine in German, why is the fork feminine and why is the knife neuter? Does this make any sense?? No, it does not make sense! Will you need to know it? Yes, you should definitely! 😉 Try to learn new nouns always with their articles, that will help you a lot in your progress in the German language!

Another question I often get asked:

Why is “das Mädchen” (the girl) neuter in German?! As far as I know girls are feminine?? Not in Germany??

Haha, as amusing this might be, there is a simple answer to this: Nouns with the ending -chen indicate that we are talking about a small thing in German (Diminutive Endings) and nouns ending in “-chen” always have the article “das”.