Basic German. Today you will learn something very easy, you need in everyday conversation. Learn how to introduce yourself in German. These are the first steps you have to make to learn a foreign language.

Let’s start!

Introduce yourself in German


Ich heiße … My name is …

  • “Heißen” literally means “to be called”
  • “Ich heiße Anja. Und du?” – My name is Anja, and yours?

Informell (informal)

  • Wie heißt du?
  • “Du” is the informal “you” in German

Formell (formal)

  • Wie heißen Sie?
  • “Sie” is the formal “you” in German.

Alternativen / Alternatives

  • Wer sind Sie? – Who are you? (formal)
  • Wer bist du? – Who are you (informal)
  • Wie ist Ihr Name? – What is your name? (formal)
  • Mein Name ist … (My name is …)
  • Ich bin … (I am …)

That’s it already and you see- it is easy! In the next lesson you learn to say I COME FROM in German.

Danke und Bis bald!