Hallo, Ich bin Anja und ich komme aus Deutschland! Woher kommst du?

Learn more how to talk about yourself. In today’s lesson you will learn how to say I COME FROM in German.


I COME FROM in German


  • “kommen” literally means “to come”
  • “Ich komme aus Deutschland. Und du?” – I come from Germany. And you?


Formell (formal)


  • Woher kommen Sie?
  • Wo = where
  • her = from ( in this case)
  • kommen = to come
  • “Sie” is the formal “you” in German.


Informell (informal)


  • Woher kommst du? – Where are you from?
  • “Du” is the informal “you” in German


Ich komme aus … (I come from …)


– Deutschland (Germany)

– den USA (the US, plural)

– Spanien (Spain)

– Frankreich (France)


That’s it already! Have look at the Lesson “How to introduce yourself in German” and deepen you Basic Language Skills.

Thank You / DANKE und bis bald!