German Articles Memorization Masterclass

Are the German articles driving you insane? No worries, I am here to help! 

"Nicht verzagen, Anja fragen!" - Don't despair, ask Anja!

Welcome to my course. We will learn 7 different strategies on how to remember the genders of German nouns (der, die, das). Also, you will get a quiz after each strategy to figure out which one of the 7 suits you best. It's a mini-course ,so you can easily finish it within one day and have fun doing it!

Ready? Bereit? - Ja!

What will you get ?

The Ultimate Course

This course consists of 7 strategies, explained in videos, written summaries and quizzes.

Practical Strategies You Can Start Using Immediately

Each strategy is tried and tested and comes with multiple examples. Moreover, you get quizzes for each strategy so you can immediately put everything into practice!

Start learning right after buying the course

Right after purchase you get access to the course in our Academy and you can start reading and listening. No more wait time!

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