Anja's Big 10-Week German Challenge (Special Offer)

In 2020, Finally Start Conversing Comfortably in German and Learn The Most Important Grammar in our German Academy......

Finally acquire real-life German conversation skills in 2020! (A1 and A2 levels available)

Dear German Enthusiast,

It's 2020: a new decade!

​A new year (and especially a new decade) always comes with Neujahrsvorsätze (New Year's Resolutions)...

Maybe one of your "Vorsätze" for 2020 is "finally being able to converse in German"?

If that's the case, you came to the right place!

Imagine that in 10 weeks from now, less than 3 months, you will have learned so much German that you can:

  • Go to Germany, step off the plane or the train...
  • and you can converse comfortably with Germans in most of the situations you end up in that day.

For example, you ask for directions to a local “Berliner”.

You buy train tickets, all in German.

You arrive at your new apartment introduce yourself, and instantly make new friends.

You go grocery shopping.

In all these situations, you can hold yourself together in a conversation in German.

Not without any mistakes, of course.

But you know what to expect and what to say, and you understand what others say to you.

You can focus on exploring a new country, making friends, and having actual conversations with them, instead of worrying about grammar all the time.

You won’t feel clumsy and you won’t have to translate in your head anymore.

That's what we want for you. And if you take us up on it, we know you can do it... even if right now you still think this sounds like a far-fetched dream!

Here’s how...

Learn German through observing dialogues and chunking... so you don’t have to think about grammar while speaking

Many language courses focus so much on making you cram word lists and do grammar drills that they forget to show you real German conversation… 

Which means that when you end up in a conversation, you’ll feel clumsy...

You'll be translating from your mother tongue...

​​A​​nd ​​have to think about grammar rules, cases, conjugations all the time.

A much faster and better way to make you speak like a German native speaker is…

Observing conversations between German native speakers!

This changes everything...

Because in these conversations you can see exactly how native speakers speak, which words they use, and which patterns and word combinations (or chunks) they use.

If you do that, very soon you'll start to have ah-ha moments, where you think:

"Ah, so THAT'S how a native German speaker says it!”

And the beautiful part: you can now start saying exactly the same thing, without even having to think about the grammar behind it. After all, you’ve just heard a native speaker say it... so you know  for a fact it sounds natural! 

Here are some examples of useful chunks (highlighted in German and English):

The reason why observing chunks instead of words and grammar rules works so well is simple:

German (and other languages) just don't exist in your brain as a bunch of words and grammar rules.

They exist as a network of word combinations, CHUNKS that are always (or very often) used together, and between which the connections in your brain are so strong that they just roll off the tongue!

That’s why native Germans can’t explain why they’re using Dativ, Akkusativ, Genitiv etc. and why they often don't even know any declension tables.

That's why, if you've been watching my videos, you're all saying "Hallo alle zusammen" now ;)

It's all stored as a chunk in your brain!

Of course, you still need to learn grammar.

But if you combine that with learning chunks, you’ll also be able to SPEAK German confidently without having to think about the grammar all the time!

How to start learning German with chunks and dialogs

Let it be clear: learning with chunks works really well. But if you want to make the most out of this method and really start having confident conversations fast, there are a few things you need. I brought them together in what I call the "3Plus1 Formula"

  • 1. Right mindset
    First of all, you need to believe that it's even possible to speak fluent German without words and grammar rules! That's what chunking does for you.
  • 2. Relevant dialogues. The dialogues you use need to be relevant to your specific situation; they need to show conversations that you’ll actually engage in in real life. Especially as a beginner, it’s not easy to find dialogues that are suitable for language learners, that show the chunks, come with a transcript and translation, audio etc.
  • 3. A clear structure... and a daily strategy to learn, repeat and memorize the chunks from these dialogs. So your German gets better every single day.
  • 4. A reality check... by using all the chunks you've learned in actual conversations in German! ​​

If you have all this in place, you WILL speak German.

How do we know?

Because we've had hundreds of students learn German through chunking already in the past year. For example, Jen was a student in our past courses, and this is what she told us after going through the course: 

You can hear Jen speak German here:

And here's Tiffany, who also learned German with us using the Chunking method:

THIS is what we want for you as well. Can you imagine how good it would feel to speak like  that and get compliments from native speakers? It's totally possible...

Now, these courses we ran in the past are currently not available to the public because we've completely reworked all the content and dialogs.

But in the past months, we've made a TON of progress with that already, and in October 2019 we started a new "German Travel & Foundations" course which taught students all "foundational German" (A1 level).

Now,  we've created even more materials, and also have an upper beginner level (A2) ready... so we thought:

It's time to open this Challenge to the public to help even more students get confident speaking German in the most frequently occurring situations! 

Which brings us to an exciting new program that we'd LOVE to go through together with you...

Anja's big 10-Week German Challenge

Here's the concept:

You enroll in the Challenge now. You follow a step-by-step group study program with multiple weekly lessons (tied together as a story) and live calls at either complete beginner level (A1.1 and A1.2) or upper beginner level (A2).

At the same time, you also learn all the “foundational German grammar” that you need to start holding conversations (more or less up to A2 level).

In 10 weeks you wrap up the Challenge, and you'll have kickstarted 2020 with German skills that you can actually use in conversations with German native speakers.


  • YES: The Challenge is perfect for beginners/upper beginners. You can choose between two levels: A1 and A2. You get all the dialogues to be able to converse German, AND grammar foundations up to A2 level.

  • YES: if you’re at intermediate level, have never learned with chunks before and want to brush up on all your basics (there’s TONS of content in here). In the past, we had many students go from B1 back to A1-A2 beginner dialogs to learn the chunks from the more "foundational" situations covered in this course.

  • NO :( : If you’re at advanced/high intermediate (B1-B2) level already, then the learning materials are probably too easy for you. We're working on new, more advanced materials, so hopefully you can participate in one of the coming Challenges next year!

In cooperation with...

Lukas Van Vyve

Hi guys! I am Lukas from Belgium and the author of the book "Effortless Conversations" where I teach you how to learn languages through Chunking, so you can speak them without having to think about words and grammar rules all the time!

Lucas Kern

Hallo! I'm Lucas from Germany, founder of Anja and I recorded all dialogues together. I just hope you have well trained laughing muscles... you’ll need them!

Gabriel Gelman

Guten Tag! Ich bin Gabriel aus Deutschland. I am Gabriel, the founder of, Germany's biggest blog about learning a new language. I am "der Erzähler" (the narrator) in our story!

Here's everything you get in Anja's 10-Week German Challenge

1. Weekly New Units With Foundational German Conversations

We've been hard at work creating a big story that contains German dialogues, designed to teach you EXACTLY how to communicate and have conversations in the most frequent situations you’ll end in Germany.

After you enroll, you can choose between "complete beginner (A1)" or "upper beginner (A2)" level, and then get 20 units containing 60 dialogues in total, covering all situations you'll likely find yourself in when you're in Germany.

Moreover, these units also cover all foundational grammar for your level! 

Every week you'll get access to new units with several dialogs. All the lessons are available in our private members area.

You get lifetime access to them (so even after the Challenge ends you can keep accessing them)...

And you can download and/or print out the materials if you prefer to learn with paper materials or listen to the dialogue in your car.

What's more: we don't just give you these learning materials... We also show you exactly how you can use them to make the most out of them!

Click here to see the full course curriculum

Every lesson comes with:

  • Native-speaker audio so you can practice your listening skills.
  • An extra downloadable pdf transcript with a parallel translation in English so you don't need to use a dictionary.
  • The most important chunks are highlighted in the pdf transcript. That way you don't have to look for them yourself anymore!
  • Grammar explanations with each lesson. We're covering all foundational grammar (A1-A2 level)
  • Exercises with each lesson (to practice chunks and grammar).
  • A flashcard deck for each dialog. These flashcards contain the relevant chunks in their sentence context and contain native-speaker audio. Available to practice anywhere in a special app for your phone/tablet/computer.
2. 10 Weeks of Guidance and Live Calls

Language learning is not a linear process, sometimes you feel like you’re improving a lot, then one bad experience can make you feel like you’re not getting anywhere.

The trick is not to be discouraged by this; if you stick to the program for 10 weeks, you WILL make enormous progress. We can guarantee that.

That’s why you need to find ways to keep yourself on track and accountable so you stick with it during the 10 weeks.

  • A community with your fellow Challenge participants, Anja, Lukas and other German tutors answering your questions. Being in a group of other passionate language learners, who are more or less at the same level, have the same interests, who go through the same struggles and victories as you do.

  • Weekly Group Q&A calls: where we'll answer all your questions live, you can learn from other people's questions, and you can practice your German!

  • Personal accountability: you get a language coach. Someone who follows up with you regularly, tracks your progress, who is invested in your success and keeps you accountable. He might give you just the little push you need to start making amazing progress in German. Btw, the best part: you get not one, but TWO language coaches: Anja & Lukas :)

  • A personal progress tracker. You get your own tracker in which you write down every day what you’ve done to learn German. A language learning log, so to speak.
3. Lifetime Access To Our German Q&A Community

We already said before that you get lifetime access to all lessons. We'll release them over a 10-week period, but you might need more time to go through them (or just review them later on).

That's why we also want to give you lifetime access to the Community with other German students. After all, you might have questions about these lessons in the future as well!

What's more: we've noticed in past courses how motivating being in a community with other students can be. You're not in this alone, and it's fun to share photos, videos, resources, memes and have a place to go to with all your

(Important: you get lifetime community access. You'll be able to post, interact with others in the community and ask questions about the lessons. As for the weekly live calls: they take place during the Challenge).

4. Big Review: Finish The Challenge And Get A Certificate Of Participation!

After 10 weeks, we review your progress... And if you've completed all 10 weeks, we'll issue you a Certificate of Completion!

(Disclaimer: this is not an official CEFR certificate validated by German authorities. It's a certificate that we issue to you to show that you've successfully completed our course :) ).

If you follow the program during these 10 weeks, you’ll make some pretty incredible progress.

After the Challenge ends, you'll see exactly how much you've improved.

During this review session, you look back on what you accomplished, and see if the following things happened (I'm sure they will have):

  • Your listening comprehension will have improved, so you'll understand native speakers.
  • You’ll have learned a lot of vocabulary and chunks that ​​you can use immediately in sentences.
  • You’ll have the chunks imprinted on your brain and they’ll roll off the tongue in conversations. No more  clumsiness, no more guessing!
  • You’ll have added a new “German Dimension” to your life.
  • You’ll have created some really solid language learning habits! 10 weeks of consistent studying, immersing, doing flashcards, listening, has a transformational effect on you.

In sum...

Anja's 10-Week German Challenge gives you EVERYTHING you need to take your German to the next level, in a fun, effective and interactive way.

Imagine just waking up every day and knowing that there’s something new to learn waiting for you…

Something that’ll really help you to become a confident and elegant speaker of German on the topics that’ll come up in your life…

And that’s delivered in a step-by-step coursebite-sized lessons, coachingexercises and resources so that you don’t have to look up any materials anymore yourself!

Of course, the only thing left for you is to take action…

And make no mistake: without implementation, you’ll still get nowhere!

You’ll still need motivation and dedication and put in the work!

But this Challenge takes all the unnecessary hassle out of your hands, so that you can focus purely on learning and using your German!


We've included 3 bonuses, free for you as a participant in the Challenge!

Bonus 1
Sentence Structure Masterclass ($50)

Upon enrolling in the Challenge, you'll get the recording of Anja's masterclass that'll show you all the ins and outs of German Sentence structure.

This Masterclass was previously sold as a standalone product for $50, but as a Challenge participant, you get complimentary access to the Masterclass.

Bonus 2
Pronunciation Masterclass ($50)

In the Pronunciation Masterclass, we’ll cover things like:

  • How to pronounce difficult German sounds like “ch”, the “r” and “au/ei/ie” etc.
  • Getting the German accent right
  • How to improve your pronunciation every day from your home

At the end of the Masterclass, you’ll have a clear plan for improving your pronunciation, and an exercise toolkit to untie your tongue and speak German with more ease.

Bonus 3
A copy of all Anja's & Lukas books! 

You'll get a digital book package with all Anja & Lukas' books:

  • Effortless Conversations: A Method to Understand Native Speakers and Have Fluent Sentences Roll off the Tongue (Lukas Van Vyve)
  • Power-Deutsch mit Anja - Eine Reise durch mein Lebens (Anja Winter)
  • The 55 Best German Idioms and 20 Funniest Word Creations (Anja Winter)

Here's what our approach to learning German did for Previous Challenge Participants! (Click to enlarge)

Summary: Here’s What You’ll Get In the Challenge

Comprehensive Learning Pack With Foundational German Conversations

A full stack of learning materials, both designed to teach you real-life German conversations skills and all foundational grammar.

10-Week Followup and Accountability + Lifetime Access To Community

Live calls, a community, a progress trackers: over the course of the 10 weeks you get everything you need to stay on track and make massive progress.

Certificate of Completion

If you finish the course, you'll get a Certificate of Completion. 

3 Bonuses 

3 Bonus Masterclasses about the most important struggles people have with German: sentence structure, pronunciation and "chunking" (learning to speak without thinking about grammar all the time).

So What Is Speaking German Worth To You?

Let’s consider some of the other options you could try to learn German:

  • You could enroll for a course from Goethe Institut: a 12-week course with only evening classes and no guidance or coaching outside of that sets you back at least $800.

  • You could hire a private tutor and get weekly tutoring sessions. Such a tutor will easily cost you $50/h; suppose you do 1 session a week, that will set you back $200/mo.

  • You could go for a university course, which (depending where you are in the world) can easily cost $2000/semester.

  • You could go for a cookie-cutter, one-off course package. They might set you back up to $500, and here’s the thing: they’re linear, pre-made courses that won’t adapt to your needs at all, and is more often than not based on traditional 'cram isolated words and grammar rules' teaching.

Now here’s the thing: while we believe that an investment from your side is actually a good thing to give yourself the proverbial kick in the butt and take action, mastering German, connecting with German culture and chatting away with native German speakers doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Moreover, it doesn’t have to be boring, difficult, and it certainly doesn’t have to take away all your time!

A Special Opportunity For You...

You can go through your very own 10-Week German Challenge with Anja and Lukas as your coaches, for just $247, or $97/3 months if you prefer to pay in 3 instalments.

So if you’re ready to take your German to the next level, just click the button below!

One Time Payment (save $50!)


247 one time

(or equivalent in EUR)

  • Full Library of Foundational German Dialogues, Audio, Flashcards, Grammar, Chunks (you choose between A1 or A2 level AFTER enrolling)
  • Lifetime access to the learning materials
  • 10 Weeks of Guidance and Live Calls
  • Lifetime access to community and Q&A Forum
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Bonus: Sentence Structure Masterclass ($50)
  • Bonus: Pronunciation Masterclass ($50)
  • Book package with a copy of all Anja & Lukas' books! Bonus: Pronunciation Masterclass ($50)
Pay in 3 instalments


97 x 3 months

(or equivalent in EUR)

  • Full Library of Foundational German Dialogues, Audio, Flashcards, Grammar, Chunks (you choose between A1 or A2 level AFTER enrolling)
  • Lifetime access to the learning materials
  • 10 Weeks of Guidance and Live Calls
  • Lifetime access to community and Q&A Forum
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Bonus: Sentence Structure Masterclass ($50)
  • Bonus: Pronunciation Masterclass ($50)
  • Book package with a copy of all Anja & Lukas' books! 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

Here's the deal: We're working closely with the participants in this 10-Week German Challenge to make sure we can really help them reach their language learning goals with relevant resources, coaching, support, guidance etc. That's why there's an investment required from your part.

We're confident you’ll make great progress.

 In any case, you get 30 days to check out the program, attend the live sessions and get started with your lessons, and if after 30 days you feel that you’re not making the progress you wanted, you let us know and you’ll get a full refund! You can even keep all the learning materials you received in the first month.

As you can see, this is totally risk-free. You have nothing to lose, only amazing new language skills and a transformed “German life" to gain…

If you're ready to get started, just click the button below!

Still not sure if it'll work for you? Here are some more Testimonials From our Previous Students... (Click to Enlarge)

Get Started Today! 

One Time Payment (save $50!)


247 one time

(or equivalent in EUR)

  • Full Library of Foundational German Dialogues, Audio, Flashcards, Grammar, Chunks (after enrolling you choose between A1 or A2 level)
  • Lifetime access to the learning materials
  • 10 Weeks of Guidance and Live Calls
  • Lifetime access to community and Q&A Forum
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Bonus: Sentence Structure Masterclass ($50)
  • Bonus: Pronunciation Masterclass ($50)
  • Fast-Action Bonus: Book package with a copy of all Anja & Lukas' books! (first 50 people only)
Pay in 3 instalments


97 x 3 months

(or equivalent in EUR)

  • Full Library of Foundational German Dialogues, Audio, Flashcards, Grammar, Chunks (after enrolling, you choose between A1 or A2 level)
  • Lifetime access to the learning materials
  • 10 Weeks of Guidance and Live Calls
  • Lifetime access to community and Q&A Forum
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Bonus: Sentence Structure Masterclass ($50)
  • Bonus: Pronunciation Masterclass ($50)
  • Fast-Action Bonus: Book package with a copy of all Anja & Lukas' books! (first 50 people only)

Frequently Asked Questions

For which level is this Challenge?

What happens if I fall behind/don't have enough time/will be on holiday for part of the Challenge?

Do you offer refunds?

Do I get a certificate after completing the course?

Which German do you teach?

How much time do I need to study every day?

When does this program start?

Which topics are covered in this course?

One more thing...

We've mentioned it a couple of times before: 2020 is here, a new decade has started, and we want to help you kickstart that new decade with excellent German conversation skills.

After teaching German for so many years, I know how much you can achieve with your German in 10 weeks, if you have a clear plan, strategy, the right guidance and good learning materials!

So if you can make a decision today to take your German studies serious now, then I promise to do everything I can to give you personal help, have tons of fun AND finally get those real-life German conversation skills in the next 10 weeks!

Seriously, there's no need to be overwhelmed by your German studies.

We know having confident conversations in German is possible for you. Now let us help you achieve it!

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